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Contemporary dining and traditional cuisine meld at Saigon Flavors to create a unique dining experience. Saigon Flavors is the culmination of many years of hard work to bring authentic Vietnamese fare to a modern dining setting.

Owner, Charlie Tang, is proud to share his dream of Saigon Flavors with Central Florida. The highest quality ingredients, tried and true traditional Vietnamese recipes, and indulgent ambiance make for a truly exceptional dining experience. Drop by for lunch or spend an evening dining with friends and family. You’ll find we exceed your expectations.

Welcome to Saigon Flavors!

It is such a pleasure for me to welcome you to my restaurant. Saigon Flavors is a "dream come true" after much hard work, persistence and high ethics.

At the age of 10, while still in Vietnam, I started working in the restaurant business to help support my family. In 1984 I came to the United States with my family. We settled in the Bronx, New York and lived there for over 11 years.

In 1994, I moved to Florida in search of a better climated. Within 4 years I was the proud owner and manager of Viet Garden restaurant in downtown Orlando. After nearly 10 years, I sold this successful restaurant in order to pursue other business ventures and to assist my son with his golfing and academic ambitions.

I have always dreamed of a new and contemporary dining experience and that is how the planning and conception of Saigon Flavors began. Saigon Flavors will be a new and modern restaurant serving authentic vietnamese food with style and flairs.

It is an honor to share with you my "American Dream"

Charlie Tang,
Saigon Flavors 05/2010


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